Eating Out: Alternative Food Co-Op


I live close enough to work that I often go home for lunch. If not, I usually brown bag it. But occasionally my schedule or my empty fridge dictate takeout. Today was one of those days, so I grabbed a quick and healthy lunch from the Alternative Food Co-op on Main Street in Wakefield, RI. They usually have an assortment of soups and stews, often vegan and gluten free, and brown rice if you want to use it as a soup base. They also have a nice selection of baked goods, many of which are vegan. They also have fresh coffee, along with a few sandwiches, salads and other prepared foods.

The Co-op is a great little earthy crunchy grocery store as well. Lots of bulk foods, fresh produce—organic and local whenever possible, pantry items, convenience foods, vitamins, and more.

My lunch today was coconut curry vegetable soup—a not-too-spicy, creamy curry with green beans, carrots, tomatoes and chick peas. I had it over short grain brown rice. It definitely hit the spot, especially on a cold day—it’s a balmy 18 degrees here today. And I couldn’t resist one of my favorite vegan cookies—their quinoa thumbprint cookie—vegan and gluten free!


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