The Humble Sandwich


Sandwiches never really excited me. But lately I’ve been kind of amped up about sandwiches. And today I could hardly wait to eat my lunch—because I was so excited about all my sandwich makings.

I think part of my new and growing appreciation of sandwiches is simply that I never really liked the meats they were usually built around. But now that I don’t look for a main meat ingredient, my mind is open to many more possibilities. I look in the fridge for slices of tofu, or a bean salad, or a leftover veggie burger, and start there. Or if I have some especially good garden tomatoes or cucumbers, I put those in the starring role. In fact, one of my favorite sandwiches is a good old-fashioned cucumber sandwich with Veganaise and a little salt and paper. Comfort food to me, since I used to eat those as a kid.

Today’s sandwich was good enough to go out of my way to make again. It consisted of:

Half an Arnold’s Whole Wheat Pocket Thin (not 100% sure it’s vegan! but I don’t see any egg or dairy products listed in the ingredients)
A block of Trader Joes Teriyaki Tofu, sliced
1 Tbs Veganaise
1/4 cup sliced cabbage
1/8 cup fresh corn, sliced off the cob
1 Tbs thinly sliced red onion
1 Tbs fresh basil leaves
Half a small garden fresh tomato
A splash of Cholula

Spread the Veganaise on both insides of the pocket. Fill with the tofu and veggies, then splash on some Cholula to taste. Delicious!


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